It was a month before the Nursing Licensure Examination and I found myself staring at our wall filled with reminders, notes, and motivational quotes, posters, illustrations – practically a huge room-sized “vision board.” It was an hour before the exams and I made use of that time to pray the rosary. Then, it was time to take the test and a few months after… I passed. 8)

So today I’m sharing a piece of my room to the world. When I wake up, this is what I would see:

philippine map

On my closet is a Philippine map (with a price tag if you could look a bit closer – haha) with a few marks as to where I am planning to go before Project 730 kicks in. The 2012 will remind me of my goal and sort of a time-frame.


Across it, found above my “workstation” – where I do most of my designing work, is a painting that I did years ago, and of course, a lot of notes stuck right onto the white-painted wall using well, a transpore tape from my nursing bag (oops!). This will show me my objectives of the day and the things that I need to work on: 1) Clients, 2) Codes that I normally would miss, and 3) Travel Plans.

world map

Who could ever forget my dream of traveling the world? Beside me is a small map of it (still covered in plastic), with brown marks of the first few destinations that I will be walking on soon. The closest would be the ASEAN countries, then the non-ASEAN, next are tiny parts of Oceania, Africa, South America, North America, and also Europe. This is still a working progress, I have a lot of reading materials to finish.

Everyday is a step closer to “traveling the world!” haha 8)