Yes, I know. I’m dreaming of snowballs to conquer the Philippines at this time of the year. Haha. We could not deny that the scorching heat of the sun is trying to kill us UV ray after UV ray. So, I went down to Fuel.PH’s store at Smallville and well, me and my friend, RJ, ordered Php30 snowballs, which of course, are divine! Not to mention their moist carrot cake and “mint” milk tea. Yum! 8)


Feeling oh so cozy at – such a great place to work on something. 😉

To top the day off, I met with Fuel.PH’s Marketing Director, Sir Patrick, and also their CEO, Sir Matt. We had some discussions about projects regarding “passion” and of course, travel. Funny how 51 days of “dreaming to travel the world” is now slowly beginning to open new doors and well, windows, too. Let’s have another snowball, shall we? 🙂