Day 53: An Attempt to Pack Lighter

In as much as I would love to stuff everything inside a small bag for a two-week getaway, I just can’t. This is always my dilemma. Now, I finished packing and I ended up having one small backpack, one duffel bag, and sling bag for all of the important things and gadgets. Oh, and my sleeping bag goes inside the duffel bag. Talk about bags! 😛

packing dilemma

Oh well. These will do, for now. I can’t even believe I brought a pair of heels with me! Oh yes. This will be fun! I’ll be working while away and yes this will become my first try being a “digital nomad” – hopefully I could do this without any worries. 😉 Off to see new places! 8)


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  1. onga! challenge yan! i have a lot to pack. lalaki kayo eh!!! hahaahaha!

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