I can’t believe I shared a sunset with a total stranger, on the deck of the boat, with a picturesque scene just like in the movies! It was really not that romantic, although my mind was swirling with different thoughts like “Someone special should be right here next to me, and sharing a view over the horizon between the two islands – together!!!” Then my “romantic trail of thoughts” disappeared when he asked for my number… 😛 So, I had this defense mechanism, and I said “Sorry, my boyfriend will get upset if I gave you my number.” Oops. I lied. 8) Then I left.


The man I met yesterday thought I was from another city, he said he noticed me when I was taking pictures from both sides of the boat – even when the current was tossing us from left and right, I still managed to cross the aisle like a pro. Wow. That’s an “attention-getter” I never knew was even possible. Haha. Traveling is so much fun with surprises! 8) HAHAHA!!!