I thought Buro-buro was a “beach resort” so I packed a lot of sleeveless shirts and a bunch of summer shorts. – throw in a native hat, too! When we arrived a few days ago, it was actually a mountain resort with free flowing spring water. Oh no! And at around 10 in the evening, it felt like I am just in Baguio – combine the altitude, rain, and of course, the usual temperature of the place. I was battling with the cold!

spring water

Now that I have mentioned “spring water” I am really not kidding. You wouldn’t see “springs” in Iloilo City – that’s why it was so interesting to me. When I took a bath, I was like opening my mouth and savoring the “freshness” of the clean and abudant water source of the area. Oh my it was awesome! Picture me as some endorser of a bottled water that was taken from the spring. haha! //read: Buro Buro Resort: Free Flowing Spring Water