Day 6: Thoughts on Traveling Young

Twenty one is not as old as it seems. In fact, I don’t even consider myself that “old” – who on Earth would want to anyway? My father is already in his late 40s and still, I find him young, fun-loving, and ultimately happy. So, I guess nobody could age that fast and make a big fuss about it.

Don’t get me wrong. “Traveling around the world” is perhaps one of the biggest dreams anyone could think of – maybe for some they would want to be the “First man on Saturn” but in a way, World Travel is something extraordinary. Most of the people I personally know that have wandered through the vast Earth are on their 50s or 60s – yes, they had successful jobs.

Honestly, I would opt to travel at this age because of the following reasons:

1) I’m not much of a BIG decision maker

Yes, I make decisions everyday – what to eat, what not to eat, what to wear (you get the point). But I haven’t really made GIGANTIC decisions yet. Even deciding on what course to take in college I was very uncertain. Most of the people in my family suggested Nursing and so I went and ended up becoming a nurse not being satisfied. I believe this qualifies me to have that leap from all the crisis that I have been dealing with for the past years.

2) I’m not living an INDEPENDENT life

A part of me loves to be all dependent on everything but sometimes there’s this voice inside my head telling me to stop relying and start “living.” That voice really had a good point. At times I ask myself this question “where will I go from here?” I mean, I live with my family and I still act like I’m a pre-schooler waiting for our help to feed me. Seriously! I should be independent by now. Responsibility entails purchasing plane tickets, accommodations, transportation, passport, and money – a crash course of life!

3) I have FREEDOM

The fact that I am young and I could not afford to even buy a house, or own a car, or maybe have my own flat screen TV, (or maybe have children at this point), means that I could have that sweet escape! I could explore without a problem.

4) I can LEARN new things

Learning outside the four corners of a boring classroom is one exciting way to gather information. Wisdom can be acquired from different aspects – traveling is one of them. Who knows? I may finally appreciate Geography by exercising it rather than reading from a book.

5) I love to have new EXPERIENCES and gain new FRIENDS

Sort of like having that adrenaline rush of having something new to talk about or mainly just meeting new people along the way – that would be so amazing. I want to learn new cultures as well as interacting with the people (limitless – the very reason of real life social networking). I want to see things in a whole new perspective.

6) I deserve to be HAPPY

Indeed we all deserve this. But working from home and living a “web designer sedentary lifestyle” in front of the computer all day seems horrible – although it has some perks in between. I guess I just needed an outlet to get out and breathe life while I still can. We only live once. Why waste all of the time in front of the screen when you could be anywhere else but here?

These are just some of my thoughts. Do you want to travel young too?



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