Yesterday, I finally arrived home. I did not have the time to unpack my bags so I cuddled on my bed and hid behind the sheets. I am sick. That feeling of body malaise, nonstop coughing, runny nose, fever, headache – name it all. I was on my bed the whole time, turning from side to side, it was definitely a strange moment.

I was thinking of the possible causes of my condition: “Was it the balot, sea urchin, chicken intestines, pork’s blood, that I consumed the past week? or Was it the unlimited work and travel that I did that I neglected to take care of myself? or Was it the weather?” These are all possibilities and of course, I don’t know the answer. 🙂

boogie board

Oh well. Probably, I’ll be resting the whole week. And maybe compensate with the tons of work on my desk. But I’ll be back! 8)