I remember the first time I flew – well, I’m talking about airplanes and technically not superman. Although, that might have been a great story. Anyway, my first experience was when I was around 5 years old. I was sitting on my mother’s lap and we we’re at the window side. I could clearly recall that I was holding on to a puffy white bunny plush toy and clasping a green Peter Pan book on mu left side. I looked at the clouds and I wanted to touch it, eat it, and rub my face on it. That moment marked the start of me believing that clouds are like cottons in the sky.

On my flight to Manila.

Now I am all grown up and clouds are nothing but gas. Such a sad reality. I was such an innocent kid a few years back. But looking through my journey, I was fortunate enough to have been traveling that young. Not all children could even remember those times they first rode a plane – but for me, I did.

* * *

It is so funny that I was upset when I knew that clouds are not cottons.  What was your first airplane experience?