Everybody was rooting for Jessica Sanchez to win this year, but then they were drastically saddened (including me) about her being on second place – take note, “drastically saddened” for a few seconds, that is! Well, because after the results were revealed, several images, videos, and articles shook the world – especially those still photos of Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez’s performance with captions that are seriously hilarious! No offense. The captions were just impeccable! 🙂


Pizza at Afrique’s – Smallville, Iloilo. Yum!

All of these funny news while we were both sharing our stories of travel and of course our “targeted” spots to visit soon. Laughing our hearts out over an Italian meal – carboloaded Pizza and Penne Pasta. Yes. It is fun to be back home for now! 🙂 Will be on the road again after a week! 😀