Day 74: Cheap is Great!

Back in college, I was the reigning cab queen. Everyday, I take a cab, pay a little over Php130, and live a swanky life. That’s 6 days a week. Imagine that. Jeepneys were not that appealing to me and I didn’t even know where their routes go – I got lost most of the time with local jeepney transport – that’s the reason why cabs we’re rightfully for me.

a jeepney in cebu

A jeepney in Cebu City.

Now that I am “more mature” and really passionate about my dream, it suddenly hit me that I was wasting a lot of money back then. Duh, you don’t say? ahaha! There’s a lot of “practicality” that traveling has taught me: 1) Jeepneys over Cabs 2) Local Food sold at Public Markets rather than Fast Food 3) Inns and Pension Houses instead of Php2000 per night Hotels 4) DIY Itineraries rather than expensive Packaged Tours and lastly, 5) Native or Instant Coffee instead of Starbucks. Done deal!

a jeepney in cebu

Yeah it was my first time to ride a Cebu jeepney. LOL! 🙄

I may be a spendthrift before, but now, you’ll see the changes when we get to travel together. 🙂 Indeed, cheap is great! 🙂 Sacrificing luxury over adventures.


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  1. Yan ang motto nating 1 sa trip naten. But of course, a littke indulgence on the side won’t hurt! 🙂  See you soon girl!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you as well Yahoo! 🙂 This will be fun!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you as well Yahoo! 🙂 This will be fun!

  4.  Super duper fun! :-D. Just hope it will not rain!

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