Simple. Find someone to share a coffee, burger, and “life” stories with on a rainy afternoon. 🙄 Not to mention a 3.11-mile walk along the metro. That’s very easy to do. haha. Speaking of stories, my best pal, RJ, had a lot to share too – from his planned “dreams” to his recent travels, to just about anything. It really felt great to have a person to actually listen to and talk to.

iloilo city route

Now, this is what I love about walking. 🙂

I call that de-stressing. 8) After the wonderful “blizzard-like” afternoon, I bought my maps and “art” materials. I’ll be making my #PHL80_23 Vision Board. This is the start of a beautiful, “nerve wrecking” planning stage. Plotting of routes and tedious research? Here goes! 🙂