It has been a week and all that I could think of is sharing a bus ride with a complete stranger going through the roads of Asia. Several nights already had passed and it seems like only yesterday that I said to myself that I am pretty much sure that I will travel the world before I turn 30. I’m currently 21 and yes I am sort of in a position to make everything work well.

Preparing to ride on a bus for 3 hours – heading to Roxas City: The Seafood Capital of the Philippines

On that note, I have already marketed my goal in my website that I launched yesterday. Yes it is somehow my design portfolio but it doesn’t seem to have anything great – I mean a superb “Wow Factor” to it. But I am quite sure people could see that I am a bit desperate to pursue this dream. Well, it is always easier said than done, right? I want to work hard for this.

I made several drafts already – include a “hysterical” plan of what countries to plot for my first expedition. I also ran through some VISA required countries and as well as what to do and what not to do in a particular city. I am so amazed of myself. Truth be told, I don’t like Geography nor History – I flunked them in my younger years. I guess this plan is helping me redeem what I had blown in elementary and highschool. Haha. I even have maps already and a few bookmarks on my text/guide books.

First off in the list is the accessible countries of Asia – aiming for 10 countries or more. I would love to have that feeling of scratching one country after the other out of my overwhelming list. Wow. I do sound so assuming – granted that I have all of the money that I needed, which I don’t. I hope sometime in the future I will look back at these accounts and laugh at myself for being such an ambitious woman. One life! That’s something I never want to go to waste. It’s worth a shot!