Day 85: Route Plotting – Visayas

So far, these are the places that I’ll be visiting (roughly). First off on the map is Visayas – divided into Western, Central, and Eastern. Luckily, I have plotted the possible route for the #PHL80_23 project. Check this out! 🙂

[travelmap-map height=400 first=1 last=17]

[travelmap-list first=1 last=17]

I guess that’s it for now. From Southern Leyte, I could already cross towards Surigao (Mindanao Region). Yes. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! 😀 Hoping to finish the whole Philippines route so that the dates can be planned – also places. lol. Some people already expressed their eagerness to join me in this journey! 🙂 Yahoo!


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  1. let me know if you’re coming to Cagayan de Oro. I’ll show you around. 🙂

  2. great! from cebu-tacloban, make tacloban your hub in samar and leyte ha, medyo mahirap ang transpo dyan kasi by sched and wala pang daan na maayos from eastern samar to northern samar. 

  3. I will kuya 🙂 Salamat. Rough draft pa man lang.. Grabe! Thank YOU!!! 😀 

  4. Yes ate rox! 🙂 I’m drafting pa. Would love to visit you! 😀 2 years na tayo di nagkita! :))

  5. hi regine. found your blog through journeyingjames. found out from quick research ur friends with jey (good friend from hs) and tracy (my cousin). hehe. im sort of travel blogger wannabe hehe and im wondering if tibiao is part of your visayas trail. in the near future im DYI’ing Tibiao and im lookin for a travel buddy to save on expenses hehe. anyway kung lang naman. cheers, Carm

  6. Hi carm! 🙂 Yes it is I actually plotted Tibiao 😀 Let’s keep in touch. I would love to have a travel buddy there 😀 Cheers!

  7. pls visit maripipi and sambawan island if you’re in biliran.

  8. Thanks for the suggestion Rutchel 🙂

  9. Sometime next year 🙂 If the plan will push through 😉 hihihihi

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