It has been such a busy week and I’m not complaining. I actually love my schedule. I do things that I am passionate about – heck, I get to design the whole day (that’s one of the perks of my little “laid-back” lifestyle – for now). Of course, I have never forgotten to check my monthly account – savings for the #PHL80_23 project and also the Project730, which will be very, very, very costly. 🙂 It’s indeed a battle between passion and chasing dreams. 8)


This is where I work – taken last year (without my curls) lol

While each and everyone of my classmates in elementary, highschool, and even in college, are living their lives to it’s absolute potential, I am here sitting behind my desk, doing what I do best, earning as much as I can, and planning for the next destination I’ll be in. I’m not sure where this would lead me, but if you ask me, I am having a blast being this – at 21. Funny how I am not working in a hospital right now. 🙂

UPDATES: I changed the header. I made the cartoon “slimmer” – not that I am implying that I am, though. haha! #PHL80_23 is still at its infancy. Hope to pitch this soon! 🙂


“Slimmer” than the cartoon on the right. LOL!