One friend told me to stay focused on my “goal” so that I will be reminded of how important it is. I believe he is absolutely right. I have learned for the past few days that I have been talking to myself in a form of writing (blogging) and it is therapeutic in a sense – getting the words out and hoping that someone would actually bother to say, in his or her opinion, something like “Wow. She’s really not joking about documenting a 730-day challenge to reach a dream of a lifetime.”

Honestly, it sucks. It’s been 9 slow days and I am expecting to travel the time frame in warp speed. It’s not that easy. Everything takes time, right? I am seriously working on my patience – but on the other hand, I am very much optimistic. Just like in the popular verse, “You reap what you sow.” Obviously, now, I am a (highly passionate and semi-obsessed) farmer that is pain-stakingly planting the seeds, so that one day, I can harvest them with a gleaming smile on my chubby face. Haha!

A farmer plowing the field with the help of a water buffalo (Carabao) in the Philippines.

On a side note, I have been listening to Bruno Mars’ song – “Today my life begins” while I was cleaning my room this morning (I was singing it karaoke style and head-banging on thin air!). It was liberating! And I ended up seeing myself looking at the mirror holding a broom. Then I said to her (referring to my reflection) “In 2 years, your life will be exciting! You’ll probably never have to use a broom ever again!”

Taking things slow and waiting patiently – one day at a time is so excruciating. Nevertheless, we won’t know anything unless we give it a try. Another day of life! Do you have plans today?