Day 91: Time Is Luxury. Money Is Nothing!

A year and a few months after being in college: wild dreams of becoming a corporate guru and a billionaire – these were the thoughts of a young woman bound to be exiled in a life of regrets. Now, I just want to do the things I love and finally get a life that is actually worth living. No straight 8-hour work slavery. No “limited” vacations. No gigantic paychecks that will never make you happy and contented – it only makes you hungry for more. No “you-have-to-work-here-to-have-money-and-enjoy-life” sermons. That’s the last of it. 8)

punta sojoton

At Punta Sojoton, overlooking the Panay Gulf.

Time is 24 hours a day. 24 long hours that belong to yourself. The best part of this luxury is that it is only you who can decide how to run it: prayer, meditation, relaxation, sleep, travel, writing, movies, eating, reading, etc. Time is everything and money could never buy the ultimate freedom of time. Valuing time made me realize that money is of less value if there’s no time and time is less valuable without money. Money is nothing without time.

Imagine a 67-year-old corporate trillionnaire who is capable of buying anything – real estates, cars, yachts, lands. He could probably buy himself a RTW ticket and enjoy for a while – until his arthritis kicked in, his medications for hypertension got lost in the airport, his scheduled sky diving tour got cancelled because of his condition. Fact is, aging sucks and that’s the reality. Money can’t buy you “age.” 🙂

Compare that to a young 27-year-old photo enthusiast who travels around the world – Australia, Denmark, Turkey, South Africa, Tibet, who takes awesome pictures, does his passion, sells his photographs, has at least a liveable budget per month and works anywhere. Happy. Contented. Free. This is where I would like to be because this is really what I envision to be “life.”

punta sojoton

Feeling the passing of time on an abandoned office, on a cliff in Punta Sojoton, Negros.

I am starting to venture on this path… and I am being serious about it. I do things on my own pace. I am my own boss. I alternate work with more meaningful ways to live and that is traveling. I consume less and live a simple life. Now, I have this thought of waking up everyday with the greatest feeling of contentment – luxury of time. 8)


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  1. Well said Regine! Love this post and many other 🙂 People like you change the world and other people’s perception of it. Keep it up, please!

  2. Thank you Cez! 🙂 I know we are both on the same page! 🙂 Will sure do! I dream for that day that our paths will cross! See you on the road and I expect more stories from you too! 🙂

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