Day 93: Still A Virgin Backpacker!

I admit it. The longest trip I had was 14 days. I have only been to 10 out of 80 provinces in the Philippines. The heaviest backpack I carried was merely less than 4 kilograms – and I had an extra duffel bag to carry some worthless baggage along the way. I rely on “gentlemen” who are so kind enough to help me with my bags. Ooops. Virgin Backpacker? Absolutely! To think I will be going on a 6-month trip around the country soon. I wonder what would happen. lol! 🙄


On a local bus transport – filled with luggage. I even hung my shoes haha!

Meanwhile, instead of me ranting about the given fact that I’m not that ready for an ultimate trip (yet), I made some “strategic plans” in order to be equipped with the obstacles ahead. 🙂 I guess I can call it “A Virgin Backpacker’s Virgin Guide to Backpacking” haha kidding! I have thought of 8 significant areas to enhance my knowledge in:

These are Planning, Essentials, Food, Health and Fitness, Navigation Skills, Survival Skills, First Aid, and probably Maintaining Homeostasis? Yup. That’s about it. hahaha.:D  There’s always fun in both “Pre-travel” and the “Actual travel.” Im on the 93rd day of daily blogging! Wait until I reach the 100th! 🙂


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  1. stat-wise almost the same lang ta except the fact that i pack heavy. i always stuff inside my bag a tent, sleeping bag, canned goods, eating utensils, books, sheets of paper, sometimes laptop and hmm beer. heheheh

  2. I’m trying to become a “minimalist” in packing but then again I can’t stand leaving both necessary and unnecessary stuff HAHA! 🙂 I do have a sleeping bag but it’s not in the bag (it’s strapped on it) – canned goods are quite heavy plus beer? hahaha Nice! I don’t drink though lol!

  3. i dream of the day il learn how to pack light. its just that i always feel the urge to carry my whole life on my back, day to day. haha! i always carry my toothbrush when going to school. there was a phase in my life i carry a dictionary inside sm cinema. lol. u know u never really know where ur gonna end up at the end of the day. hmmm u gave something to write about hahaha. 😀

  4. It’s a great lead! 🙂 yey! funny. yet you have a good point, carm. See you soon! let’s keep in touch ha! 😀

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