Day 95: How Travel Plans Push Through Despite The Rain

If there’s a scheduled trip that does not need any excuses, then obviously, the show must still go on! 🙂 A friend arrived here two days ago and I accompanied her for a “church hopping” tour around the province. The rain had no plans of stopping, that’s for sure. Municipality to municipality, our butts got wet, our shoes were drenched, our only umbrella springed on the opposite end – it was hilarious. 🙄

jaro cathedral

Jaro Cathedral Iloilo – file photo (not taken during this trip)

But what we had at the end of the day were amazing snapshots of baroque and grotesque churches, memories that were simply incomparable, conversations from the locals, and a lot of change in our pockets. I’ll do a separate post on church hopping and many more activities with a Php135 budget. Believe me, it’s possible. 🙂

PS: It’s funny how we discussed the #PHL80_23 project while riding on a jeepney. lol!


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  1. I think you are having a wonderful time with Paula! Can’t wait to be there too! 😀

  2. We are having a BLAAAAAAAAAAAAST! 🙂 Come come! Don’t be shy, Ephraim 😀

  3. 😀 😀 Batang Mahiyain si TAA! Lol!

  4. We had a very wonderful time! We’ve beaten all kinds of weather! 🙂

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