Day 96: Visiting The Critically Endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle

I have visited this female sea turtle several times already. She’s still the same creature years before: flat body shape, flipper arms, saw-like shell margins, sharp curving beak, soft puffy neck. Such an incredible work of evolution! Playing with her was such for a short while made my day despite being tricked by bogus drivers today. lol! Post coming soon! 🙂



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  1. How did they trick you?

  2. they overcharged, cez. we fell for it twice. seriously we couldn’t tell the difference. oh well. charged to experience! :))

  3. My first time to see Pawikan so near! I have named her Tata the Turtle. Sad she’s caged…how she longed for the seas!

  4. They moved the Sanctuary 🙂 hehehe

  5. 🙂 I miss her soft neck!!!!!

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