Putting the “nomadic lifestyle” on hold can be very educating in terms of basic survival skills at home. Yes, the air conditioning unit broke – as in “not-cooling-me-on-a-hot-weather” broke. I was practically boxed inside my workplace with no breathing space – and prayers to God that the rain would instantly pour to compensate with the “technical situation.” Phew.

boracay ice cream

I’d kill for an ice cream! – This was in Boracay. Apparently, this man sells ice cream even while afloat. lol! 🙂

I was sitting, designing, and coding all those techy and geeky web design and development stuff like I would normally do. I was panting like a dog – literally. A few minutes later, I had enough. I got out and got several ice packs from the freezer, dragged a fan, and simulated a cooling system. I was so proud that time. It’s like winning an award! lol 🙂

Ok. The ice melted in half an hour. The freezer ran out of it. The floor was obviously wet. I was sweating like I ran a mile. So, I ended up working outside, in our garden – fresh air, rustling wind, swaying plants, and a pitcher of orange juice beside me. Then it hit me… why on earth did I go through all that trouble? Yes. Idiot. I know. hahaha! 😀

Of course, before being in this situation, I had the privilege of meeting up with Claire of I am Traveling Light. She’s backpacking around the Visayas area for 7-weeks and I was so lucky to have a quick chat with her before she left to Antique. She’s such a darling. We even had some “Hiligaynon” lessons. 🙂 See? I’m not that bad today. lol! 🙄