Disclosure Policy:

This site is a commercial site. It may be my personal travel blog but I intend to generate revenue from it.

From time to time I may post articles related to my destination, experiences, unsolicited tips, guides, reviews, events, and organizations that I am involved with, but I will disclose my relationship. I will also disclose any relationships I may have with other companies when I mention their products.


Posts may contain links to affiliate sites. These links will not be marked any differently than other links. I will not post affiliate links to services I do not use nor would not recommend other people use. All affiliate links will be “nofollowed” to preserve search engine integrity.

Paid Reviews

I will do paid reviews on this site. All paid reviews will contain proper disclosure at the top of the article.

The content of the review will not be influenced or altered by the fact that I am being paid to do the review. The review will be honest!

A bad product or service will not receive a good review simply because I’m being paid to review it. However, I will, in the review, attempt to suggest ways in which the product or service could be improved.

Likewise, good services will not receive an excellent review simply because I’m being paid to review it.

My review will be honest and critical. If your product or service can’t stand up to a critical review, or you don’t wish to learn how to improve it, then I suggest you look elsewhere.

Privacy Policy:

Information collected by Between Coordinates

If you leave a comment on this blog, your email address and IP address will be logged. This information will not be disclosed to 3rd parties (unless required by law) or used to spam you.

I do however reserve the right to contact you via email after you have left a comment. See my comments policy for more information.

This site does not collect any other information from its users.

Information collected by 3rd parties

Various segments of this site are provided by 3rd parties and as such I have no control over the information they collect.

Information such as IP, country, referring website, links clicked and pages viewed may by collected by advertising and statistics services.

Comments Policy

Comments on this blog are moderated.

In order to comment on this blog you must enter a valid email address. That comment will then require moderation from me.

Once a comment has been approved, subsequent comments associated with that email address will be allowed without moderation.

The definition of what is an acceptable comment is entirely at my discretion.

I will remove comments which I deem to have crossed a line of moral sensibility at which point I would consider the comment to be aimed at inciting or promoting hatred, racism, violence, child abuse /child pornography or unacceptable / illegal behavior.

Comments which I deem to have crossed this line will result in the comment being deleted and/or the user being banned from commenting again.

Again, determination of what is acceptable is solely at my discretion.

Needless to say, any comments containing links/URLs to spam / porn sites or domains will also be deleted.

Comments using non-personal names or non-personal domains may also be removed at my discretion. If I can’t find “you” at the link I don’t want to see it.

Other than that, I will generally let all comments stand even if they are harsh in nature towards myself. I believe in free speech and won’t censor anybody simply because I don’t agree with their opinion.