Dumaguete on Foot

Dumaguete City is the largest city in the province of Negros Oriental. This humble land is also known as The City of Gentle People – and I can personally attest to that. During my 5-day stay here, I was able to see, hear, smell, feel, taste, and experience Dumaguete. While walking down the not-so-busy street, these are some things that I find quite remarkable.

#1 Siliman University

siliman university

Dumaguete City is best known to have Siliman University which is the first American private University in Asia and also the first Protestant University.

siliman university

This is a peek inside the Siliman University premises.

#2 Belfry Tower

The Dumaguete Belfry Tower is a popular landmark within the city. Built in the early 70s or 80s, this tower still stands majestically with all of its beautiful architecture. This historical tower was built for the purpose of warning the locals (decades ago) of the pirates. Long before, pirates were attacking the city and its people because it was easy to access since it was a coastal town.

dumaguete belfry

This is the Belfry Tower up close.

#3 Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria

st catherine cathedral

Cathedral of “Saint Catherine of the Wheel” or “The Great Martyr Saint Catherine”

#4 Rizal Boulevard

This is one of the popular spots in the city – both day and night time. The Rizal Boulevard stretches far along the coast. People take their morning, afternoon, or night stroll in this area which faces the Tañon Straight. Local vendors also scatter around selling food, key chains, tokens, and some were even offering services like back, body, and foot massages.

rizal boulevard

Afternoon stroll along the Rizal Boulevard promenade.

bay view

The bay view. Across this is already the well-known province of Siquijor!

Here’s something nice to know about the city – the roads are actually small and you could rarely find cabs here. I suggest, if you are in Dumaguete, do some cardio by walking. Chances are, you will not get lost because the people are very helpful. Well, you might want to check out some common phrases in “Bisaya” because it is the language spoken in the city. Motorcycles are teeming in this city too so cough up a few Php10 and you could go from point one to point two. Enjoy!

customary shot at roxas boulevard

Nothing like a good rest (customary shot!) after walking around the city for several hours. This is a bench along the Roxas Boulevard Promenade.


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  1. Dumaguete holds a special place in my heart because this is where I did my first solo travel. ;p

  2. wow i’m happy for you, ryan. hope to see you soon. i’ll be visiting dumaguete again 🙂

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