Do you believe in miracles? Along the Divine Mercy Hills of El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, lies the Divine Mercy Shrine where there was believed to be a powerful healing water that could cure illnesses and other diseases.

Divine Mercy Water

After walking and meditating upon the holy ground where the Divine Mercy statue was erected, I could not help but notice a crowd that was flocking over what seems to be several faucets in the middle of the field. I moved closer and closer to understand why these people were fussing over a “water” station, carrying different sizes of empty, plastic containers…

“Are they all that thirsty?” I said to myself. But, little did I know that these people are indeed thirsty – not physiologically but rather spiritually. The large, torn sign gave me a whole new perspective of what was going on.

The Crowd

The water is for everybody (it does not matter how sinful you are or how saint-like you are but the most important thing is that you repent and also forgive those who sinned against you) – The water is locally well known as a cure for diseases. The strong faith that you have was said to make the water more powerful in terms of healing your illnesses. Thus, “the water that heals.”

Before drinking the water, here’s the prayer that you need to say (taken from the large board above the water station):

Heavenly Father, source of all goodness and mercy, I thank you for the gift of this healing water. May this water wash away all the infirmities of my mind and body, heal every source of diseases and sickness, and cleanse every seed of evil which may have rooted in my life. May this water nourish my parched faith, quench my thirst for words of everlasting life, and restore in me a new life. This I ask through Jesus Christ your son, our King of Mercy, Amen.

Divine Mercy Water

Obviously, this is not for sale.

I brought home a small container of this Healing Water. I even drank some when I was there. Taking into consideration the different religions we are in, it is purely up to you if you wish to believe it or not – but all I could say is that despite our differences, we are still equal. Our faith leads us to where we should be. 🙂

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