Firsthand Experience of the Virgin Liktinon Falls

Huge boulders very similar to those in the Jurassic Era were one of the hurdles we had to endure before reaching the Liktinon Falls. Multiple free-flowing streams of river water seeped into my shoes as I tried maneuvering over one boulder to the next. Tucked inside a vast forest, this little treasure awaits visitors to have a soothing dip in her natural pool after a long, challenging, and tiring trek. Liktinon Falls is what the municipality of President Roxas, Capiz will soon boast for.

liktinon falls

“Huge Boulders” defined.

“Liktin” a local term for the Hiligaynon word “Lukso” meaning “to jump” is the root word for the name of this hidden beauty. “Damo pa liktin-liktinon bag-o kamo makaabot sa falls” (You have a lot of jumping to do before you reach the falls) Vice Mayor Alfonso Golero said during the briefing. 😉


liktinon falls

 Indeed, we had several “mini-heart-stopping” slippery jumps along the riverbank of gigantic rocks.

The locals estimated a short 15-minute trek to get to the falls. But in reality, based on the many circumstances (getting lost, steep terrain, slippery rocks), we arrived there probably an hour and a half. But it all paid off when we had a glimpse of her reigning radiance.

liktinon falls

Getting up close and personal.

The pool she provided us was crystal clear, showing off the mossy green colors of the algae below and the earthy highlights of the submerged rocks. Tiny fresh water fishes were visible as well as other “spider-like” insects that were mostly seen in dim areas.

liktinon falls

A quick dip after the long trek.

It was lunchtime when we got acquainted with the falls. Two of our friends decided to head up and check out the other falls above. 😛 Hurdling a few more slippery slopes and towering rocks, they saw another set of falls and pools quite similar to the one we visited.

liktinon falls

While some went for a swim, and some went for some more adventure, the rest of us sat down and enjoyed a meal of Taklong Snails while adoring Liktinon Falls’ splendor.


Whether you are seeking for some adventure, or planning to get lost in a vast forest, or simply looking for a great place to enjoy the sound of trickling water and be surrounded with nature, I encourage you to visit Liktinon Falls of Capiz! 😀

liktinon falls

It’s all adrenaline, mini-heart attacks, relaxation, and introspection all rolled into one! And yes… GETTING LOST and GETTING FOUND is one of the few exciting things you will get to experience. 🙂

How to get from Roxas City to Liktinon Falls:

  • From Roxas City proper get a van rental going to the Municipality of President Roxas
  • Travel time from Roxas City is 45 minutes.
  • From Pres. Roxas Proper to Bayuyan is 15minutes
  • Trek for about 20-40 minutes before you reach Liktinon Falls.
  • Van rental P 2, 500.00 to Php2, 700 good for 10 people but the regular fare is only Php45 per pax.
  • Guides fee is Php 200 or even lesser.

president roxas capiz map


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