I was not in Cebu City mainly to tour the place. I just got lucky that the event of Younglife ended early – consider this as a sidetrip rather than the main trip alone. So, I guess a few hours before riding a 12-hour boat to Iloilo should be maximized. Hey! An awesome walk to the Taoist Temple is… “maximizing time” haha! 8)

How to get there?

OPTION #1: Take a taxi to avoid chances of getting a heat stroke (if you are traveling around noontime… which I certainly did!)

OPTION #2: Jeepney Ride and Haggling with the Motorcycle Drivers 😛

If you went with the first option, then consider yourself very lucky! If you went with the second option, you are luckier! Local Transportation cuts the spending more than half. Well, if you are willing to sacrifice comfort to save money (which I am trying to do), then, this is the way to go. Plus, it’s more fun!

mortorcycle ride

Ridin’ like a BOSS. Haha!

From Magellan’s Cross, along Magallanes Street, take as stroll down to the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu, at Osmeña Boulevard. Walk a bit further until you could find a jeepney with a label “Lahug” and then you are off to Lahug, Cebu. Make sure to ask if you are in doubt, else, you’ll be lost. Tell the driver that you’ll be going to the Taoist Temple, and they will drop you off to Gorordo Avenue, right after the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

beverly hills

Well, if you took the cab, that might be you inside… haha

Once you get to Lahug, interact with the local motorcycle drivers, and negotiate with them. For me, I paid Php10 for the ride from the checkpoint to the entrance gate of the Beverly Hills Subdivision. From there, you have to walk. haha! The fun part awaits! 😛

canyon road

The “sign”

hump ahead

We all go crazy under the heat of a 1:30pm sun. I guess I did.

Just go straight, and turn left. Haha (as if this helps!) Remember these: Woolbright Drive and Canyon Road and you will never get lost. Have your stroll around the wealthy neighborhood before you get to the temple.

success face

This is my “success face” 🙂 I sure look happy! haha!

Maybe 15-20 minutes of walking, you will find yourself right there at the base of the Taoist Temple. Your journey begins! 8)