Sitting quietly in an unspoiled forest, there lies a cascading waterfall that is surrounded by luscious green, vegetation, tall, enchanting trees, and flourished with the sound of nature that you once heard in a “How to relax” audiobook. Hagimit Falls is a small waterfall with several natural pools of cool, aqua water, gifted in the island of Samal.

Hagimit Falls: Photo Credit to Mitch

Only two kilometers away from the Penaplata proper, this little wonder can be accessible via motorcycle, car, or if you must, a semi-long trek.

Hagimit Falls

 Hagimit Falls Rocky Spring – a few minutes of trekking will enable you to be in a more quaint environment. This is your time to be in a relaxed state, to adore the beauty of nature, and to listen to the soothing splash of water from the nearby waterfall.

Hagimit Falls

 One of the few simple beauties of this place.

Hagimit Falls

 This was not the first time I saw a waterfall. The last time I went on a trip, I was glancing on to a cooler, along-the-road kind of falls. It was in Negros Occidental. 🙂 But the Hagimit Falls show more than just one. It even paves the way for possible camping and recreation along the riverbank. Don’t you just love nature?

Hagimit Falls

 Striking a pose on one of the mossy rocks along the “Rocky Spring” of Hagimit Falls

Hagimit Falls

 Ahh serenity! 😀

If you are with your family, or your friends, have a break from all the city life and head over to this natural gem. A moment spent here is indeed remarkable. It’s like being pampered in a spa… the only thing is that… you’re in a different, real, and true, setting.

Here are the rates of the place:

Entrance Fee
Adult or Kids Day Tour – Php 40.00

Open Cottage – Php 500.00
Closed Cottage – Php 1000.00
Tables with Chairs – Php 300.00

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