Hang on a Bridge with Caution

The Hanging Bridge in Bohol is not really made to become one of the popular tourist destinations – it simply became an attraction because of the “danger” that you will be expecting from it. It’s main role is to connect the two lands beside the Loboc River. The thing is, this bridge is made of interwoven bamboos and there are evidences that some parts are already “old” and well, risky.

If you are in Bohol, don’t forget to tell your tour guide that you will visit the Hanging Bridge. It costs around a mere $2 for the entrance. Then you could cross the bridge and get back to the other side as an experience. Not so much thrill? Here’s the catch: It seems like a regular bridge to cross, but it is said to be one of the world’s dangerous bridges. Surviving it would be worth the $2! Haha!

Here’s me hanging on to my dear life while trying to cross the bridge. Just a simple tip to remember if you are here for an experience: 1) Hold on to the rails and 2) In as much as this sounds so squeamish, I suggest you don’t look down! I’m not scared when I was there, but the bridge was intermittently swaying left and right – that made me think twice!

What was your Hanging Bridge experience? 


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  1. It used to be more “adventurous” back in the day when the bridge in Sevilla was not yet a popular tourist destination. There was only one hanging bridge back then and the locals on that area crossed them everyday with baggage like baws! On a brighter note, it’s good that somehow they improved the bridge with additional support and an extra bridge too.

  2. Yes. I can’t imagine crossing only one bridge – that might take forever because many tourists are flocking over it. 🙂 Thanks Earl! 😀

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