Have a Taste of Freshly Caught Sea Urchins

The spikes of these creatures are really deceiving. Not to mention some of which are quite poisonous when it comes in contact with your skin – sea urchin injury is another story, though. Who knew they can be such an expensive delicacy in countries like Japan (uni) and Italy (ricci di mare)? A few years ago I absolutely thought these creatures were just another addition to marine life monsters that I’ll be fearing of. I guess not anymore.

In a visit to Bohol, along the Virgin Island near Panglao (a boat ride away), I found myself drawn into the fact that I need to know what a sea urchin tastes like. Luckily, local vendors offered me to have a quick taste of their freshly caught urchins. I have never planned of eating it raw but then again, I did what I had to do.

How to eat sea urchins?

Looking at the person preparing the “feast” for me (on the spot), I was carefully observing how he does it. With the use of the knife, he removed the prickly spikes and sliced a part of the creature. Sort of like cracking an egg but with nothing oozing out. Once the orange stuff was showing, the man scraped it from the shell. So, I believe that was the part where I will put it in my mouth.

He carried a local “sinamak” – which is actually a mix of vinegar and many different spices. He poured in onto the sea urchin’s “insides” (I suppose I’ll call it that) and directly from the knife, I slurped it down! It was light and foamy – the inside was salty, subtle and has an unforgettable taste of the sea. Thank goodness I did not die!

This was one experience I will never forget. On a little note, I did not bring my water on that day so I was stuck with that clear taste of salt water with an added kick of sea urchin soft orange parts! Haha! Have you had your taste of sea urchins?


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  1. in cebuano swaki tawag nila da. tastes like melon. i tasted three species for free when i was in moalboal last april. the others tasted exactly like saltwater pero ok lang, charge to experience nalang hehe

  2. “Swaki?” Haven’t heard that but nice to know!!! 🙂 Onga! Each and everyone of us have different experiences with this “tasty” sea creature LOL!

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