If you haven’t read my insights about Negros Occidental’s Don Salvador Benedicto, I suggest you read Invigorating Nature of Don Salvador Benedicto to get acquainted with its unspoiled beauty.

don salvador benedicto map

Going in and out of Don Salvador Benedicto is as easy as taking a bus ride from the Northern Negros terminal in Bacolod. It’s a 42 km long trip and for a mere Php68 you could get there in 45 minutes. The buses travel in intervals, so if you’re running late, you could always catch the next one.

  • Take the San Carlos bus (you may take the non-aircon one or the air-conditioned bus). Tell the bus conductor that you are heading to Don Salvador Benedicto and let them drop you at the Viewing Deck.

farthest point

  • The Lion statue erected by the Lion’s Club is your marker. Go ahead and explore the Viewing Deck. Take into consideration that below it is another floor. There’s a restroom, some tables and chairs with a similar view.
  • Wait for the next bus and ride on. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at the Viewing Deck of Malatan-og Falls.
    • Fish crackers and other snacks are available. You could buy water and food from the “mobile” vendors that are stationed in that area.
    • You could check in with the local Tourism Office to help you with the trekking. You could leave your things in the office once they’ll assign you with a guide.
  • Take another bus ride to get to San Carlos (for the sake of viewing the Chocolate Hills). Tell the bus conductor that you want to see the Prosperidad Hills in San Carlos.
  • Lastly, you could either head to San Carlos to spend the night or you may take a bus ride back to Bacolod City.

I spent around Php300 for the whole trip. That’s because I took another alternative. The guide I provided above will help you have a smooth journey. If you want to follow my “semi-failed” attempt, do so at your own risk. 🙂

  • I hitched a free ride from Bacolod to Don Salvador Benedicto.
  • Near the marker of the road to San Carlos, I chartered a single motorcycle.
    • I negotiated with the driver and we arrived at a total of Php250 for a round trip covering the Viewing Deck and Malatan-og Falls including unlimited stops.
    • It was a pretty decent deal considering that the spots are far from one another.
  • Ride from the marker back to the Viewing Deck. Let the driver wait.

alternative view

  • Walk a few kilometers upwards or ask the driver to drop you at the spot that you wanted. There are different places to see and all it needs is your creativity and keen eye.
  • Proceed to the Malatanog Falls’ Viewing Deck or head to the Tourism Office to get a guide.
    • You may tell the driver to wait for 2 hours or if he wants to join in your trek, you may politely ask him to.
    • Never trek alone or without a guide
    • Never trek after sunset.
  • Tell the driver to drop you off at the Codiawan Bridge.
  • Get back to the marker.
  • You may grab a good cup of coffee (Php50 because I bought one for the driver as well) while waiting for the bus back to Bacolod.
    • You could go to San Carlos to see the Prosperidad Hills but you may want to talk to the driver for additional fees. (Or take the bus)
  • Hitch a free ride back to Bacolod. 😀

Hope this could help in your itinerary planning phase. Don’t forget to check out other sites for reference. Or you may contact me for more information.  Happy Traveling!