Of course, when I was younger, I made fun of Lapu Lapu because his name is similar to that of a fish. But anyway, I should know better than to pay more respect to these people. Lapu-Lapu or Kali Pulako or Cali Pulaco, was the ruler of Mactan, an island in the Visayas, Philippines, who is known as the first native of the archipelago to have resisted the Spanish colonization.

mactan shrine

Rich history here.

Now, inspired by his success in bringing Christianity to the people of Cebu, Ferdinand Magellan crossed the narrow channel to Mactan Island in an effort to spread the Catholic faith. While he was still crossing the shore, he was killed by the island chieftain, Lapu Lapu, leading his army of men during the battle for supremacy and freedom on April 27, 1521. Well, Magellan’s body was never recovered and in 1866, a marker was erected as a monument to this great explorer, marking the spot that Magellan was slain.


Another look at Lapu Lapu: now a 66ft bronze statue, standing very tall in the island.


Outside, you will see a fishing village and these “Indiana-like” wooden statues. I don’t know the resemblance but these are surely remarkable.


The village.

Considered to be the first “Hero of the Philippines,” Chief Lapu Lapu, much of it is surrounded by myths and legends. However this is such a sultry place and visiting the grounds that are very well kept is something worthwhile – if you are in Cebu. Yes, another taste of history that I obviously neglected. 8)