When we think of having lunch, we usually see ourselves sitting in a nice restaurant with friendly waiters to cater to our needs – well, that’s the one I have my mindset on anyway. Being in Bohol is everything out of the ordinary! And a good lunch at Loboc River will surely give you that new dining experience – cruising the waters, of course.

loboc cruise

A group of local men will serenade you once you fall in line to await for the next cruise together with the several tourist groups in the area. Their sweet songs will give you that heartwarming feel of their welcome.


There are tables carefully arranged in the local vessel, complete with centerpiece flowers, plates, and “kubyertos” (spoon and fork) all ready for the visitors. A buffet table is set at the middle of the boat with all the delicious and gastronomic food you could ever think of – count in barbecued chicken, pork, fish, a variety of cooked vegetables, seafoods, heaps and heaps of rice, soups, and of course, a round of softdrinks to complete the meal.

loboc river view

While having that extraordinary dining experience in Bohol, the vessel moves around the Loboc River, passing beside other boats with surprising tourists waving at you. Approaching a sort-of floating stage made of bamboo as base, there were several kids and adults doing the “Kuradang” folkdance to entertain us. Accompanied by the unique visayan music, you could not stop yourself from thinking of joining them.


Talk about dancing to the beat! 🙂

kuradang dancers

Still cruising down the beautiful, green, scenic, river, at the end of the first half of the trail, the subtle Busay Falls greeted us with grace. The afternoon sun gave the Busay Falls that sparkling, elegant, natural look. In fact, it is something worth adoring.


These are some of the locals we met down the river.

busay falls

So, if you find yourself in Bohol, don’t let this opportunity slip away. I am happy and proud to be in a diverse Filipino culture. 🙂