Local Legends of The Chocolate Hills

On our way to the popular tourist destination site of Bohol, Philippines, I was having an awkward conversation with our driver. Although he’s not our tour guide, he still tried to answer my queries. Obviously, I could not hold my thoughts together: I was really curious of how these hills came about and why was it named “Chocolate Hills?” I even joked about it by asking a ridiculous question if these legendary hills were edible. Good thing the driver could not understand Hiligaynon – else, I’d be such a lousy joker. 🙂

chocolate hills

It has been said that there were two giants who fought one another. They threw things at their opponent, which these “things” were actually stones and sand. The fight eventually lasted for several days. When the war was finally over, and the both of them are tired as ever, they called it off and they became friends, left the island, and lived a happy life. But what remained was the mess that they forgot to clean up. So, there, the Chocolate Hills were the remnants of their battle.

scenic view from the top

I compared this tale told by the driver and it appears to be similar to the ones I found in the internet. But little did I know that there are several other legends – three more to be exact.

This is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

A more romantic legend tells of a giant named Arogo who was extremely powerful and youthful. Arogo fell in love with Aloya, who was a simple mortal. Aloya’s death caused Arogo much pain and misery, and in his sorrow he could not stop crying. When his tears dried, the Chocolate Hills were formed.

The third legend tells of a town being plagued by a giant carabao, who ate all of their crops. Finally having had enough, the townsfolk took all of their spoiled food and placed it in such a way that the carabao would not miss it. Sure enough, the carabao ate it, but his stomach couldn’t handle the spoiled food, so he defecated, leaving behind him a mound of feces, until he had emptied his stomach of the food. The feces then dried, forming the Chocolate Hills.

The last legend is about a gluttonous giant named Miguel that eats everything in his path. One day he came to a plain. He saw a beautiful young woman named Adrianna. To win her affection, he needed to lose weight. So he excreted everything he ate. In the end, his fecal matter covered the land and he won Eng’s affection.

scattered hills

Who knew there were so many tales that live up to this day. The Chocolate Hills were truly marvelous. 😛


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  1. WEee, glad you liked the Chocolate Hills, Regine. I am from Pilar, 2 towns away from the hills.:) Hope to come home soon and see the other tourist spots. Keep travelling!

  2. Weee! Hope to meet you as well 😀

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