I have passed under and crossed over these magnificent bridges several times already and I could not help but notice it when I come to Cebu. They are simply majestic! These two bridges connect the islands of Cebu and Mactan. Other than being called “First” and “Second” Mandaue-Mactan Bridge, the latter is also known as the “Marcelo Fernan Bridge.” Both of these have become popular landmarks of Cebu – connecting two cities, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu. 🙄

cebu sea port

The clouds and the seaport. My jaws just dropped with astonishment. 🙂

Seven years older than my parents, the First Mandaue-Mactan Bridge was inagurated in 1972 during the term of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. As you can see, it is a box truss type bridge, and according to sources, it stretches at 846 meters long and about 9 meters wide.

first mandaue-mactan bridge

The First Mandaue-Mactan Bridge.

Marcelo B. Fernan was a former senator and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the country. The Second Mandaue-Mactan Bridge was named after him in 1999. It has a total length of 1,237 meters and about 185 meters wide. It is one of the widest and longest bridge span in the entire archipelago. This extra dosed cable stayed type bridge was primarily funded by the Japanese Government as a symbol of friendship between the Philippines.

second mandaue-mactan bridge

The Second Mandaue-Mactan Bridge.

Talk about bridges. I just love to stare at them when I am riding a ferry boat. My jaws would automatically drop with the sight of these. 8)

cebu map