I named the website’s mascot based on my nickname “Daidai” which is pronounced as die die – not that it is intended to sound like I want to die twice. lol. 😀

It all began last March 2012 that I started a website generally to talk about my travel tales, plans, as well as personal views and opinions about life. A few months later, blogging from time to time and pouring all of my emotions to this site, the response from my readers was phenomenal that it motivated me to dream bigger.


Part of dreaming bigger was giving birth to a recognizable icon that everybody could relate to the blog itself. Daidai was born out of love and truly intense hours of visualization, creation, revision, and perfection.

Although Daidai is not yet as perfect as it may be, I could now see that this mascot gave life to everything that I am. All that Daidai is and all that I am is merged into one whole identity.

Now, Daidai is not just a mascot. Daidai is a brand in its own right. Because really, Daidai became a virtual representation of myself.

So, in reality and in the virtual world, I am still me! Daidai. Regine. 🙂

Curious about what Daidai looks like before?


Version 1.0: Daidai was intended to be fat before (See: fatter version on the right side – top photo) but then as I lost my weight, I decided that it is fairly significant to lose the mascot’s weight as well but retaining the color of the shirt.

+ + +


Version 2.0: It was one of those months that I carried a sleeping bag with me and wore those little red shoes so Version 2 of Daidai came to be. Note that the sleeping bag is attached to the backpack. The thought of Daidai wearing shorts was influenced by my love for shorts (comfy).

Version 2.1: As my precious curly hair grew, so did Daidai’s. One significant change is also the shirt color.

+ + +


Version 3.0: This version of Daidai did not stay long in the site. Notice that the sleeping bag and the sling bag are both on Daidai’s shoulders – a secret representation of the problems that I had in that particular month. 🙂

Raising her right hand, it symbolizes that I am not ready to give up on the roller coaster of my life. Despite the additional load on my shoulders (sleeping bag and sling bag) I could still go on to live it and to love it. 🙂

+ + +


Version 4.0: After a drama-filled version, this mascot looks free, joyful, and unafraid. Daidai is rejoicing! Raising a coconut high and proud – drinking to the taste of life, freedom of life: passion, dreams, adventure, simplicity. The weight on her shoulders are gone and she embarks on another chapter of her story. 🙂

Version 4.1: In line with living in simplicity, everything in the previous version was scrapped of. The only remnants of Version 4 is the head. Daidai only with her hat, her sunglasses, and her smile. Minimal yet still recognizable.

Daidai Version 4.1 – That’s what you are seeing in the site today. Simple, recognizable, and packed with meaning.

Now you know! 😉