I could still remember my first visit here, I was with my father about 6 years ago. Nothing really changed after those years and my fondest of memories are still in tact. This April, I visited the hometown of my father to get to know my close and distant relatives, have a break away from the city life, and of course, see the things that surrounded him when he was still growing up. I learned about his childhood there.

linaon bay

A snapshot of the Lina-on Bay.

cauayan coast

The Cauayan Coastline: view from the Lighthouse Deck.

The Punta Sojoton Lighthouse sits on top of a steep mountain beside the main highway of Cauayan, Negros Occidental. Surrounded by different types of trees, rocks, and enveloped by luscious, green, carabao grass. Upon arriving, there you will see a path leading to the Lighthouse. As you hike to a steeper terrain, you could now have an inkling view of the coastline of Cauayan and of course, on the other side, the scenic view of Lina-on Bay.


Taking a good look at the overwhelming view.

Further to the end of the mountain, there lies a small concrete building with a four-step staircase leading you to an overwhelming spot to see the grandious horizon – a glimpse of the Sulu Sea. Well, to add up to that wondrous line, the fresh air is equally as “breath taking” as the view. 🙂


A shot from the farthest end of the mountain.

sulu sea

Yes, the Sulu Sea.

the kids i met

Of course, the kids that I met along my journey!

Stumble upon Punta Sojoton Lighthouse and you will know what is in store for you! Let’s grab a cup of coffee and we’ll celebrate our good life! 😉