Rock Climbing. Literally.

Have you ever rock climbed without any ropes or harness, nor the proper gear and all those fancy hand powders? Well, I did. It was not something I am proud of because of failure to comply with safety precautions. I should know because I am a nurse. Nevertheless, I survived. Surely, a big thanks to the non-breaking rocks and the lucky flat surfaces that I was able to put my soles on.

I’m not really a professional in this kind of activity but I once had several attempts to reach the top goal of a wall-climbing dare and I managed to climb up and rapel down with no single scratch. I happen to do that because I had the appropriate gear, steady eyes to watch me, and a weight down below to pull the ropes tight if I am in trouble. This, rather, is an absolutely different story. No ropes? Are you kidding me?

Of course, the hospital is 2 hours away and there are no cabs that will take you there at an instant. Why am I telling this? It’s because it is very dangerous. While climbing up, I was praying for my dear life to be spared. It was just a few feet up, but one slip will cause me to either break a leg, or break a neck and suffer from a spinal cord injury. Who wants that, anyway?

Thankfully, I was with my dad at that time. And yes, I could hear him saying “No.” – I still did it anyway. So, there. Nothing happened. But looking down, you can’t help but ask yourself this question: “What if I slipped?” That would be another story to tell. Did you take risks too?


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  1. this is not something you can call rock climbing as a sport, rock climbing has a challenging rock face angles this something you can call nonsense to call rock climbing with out a harness and ropes.

  2. Hi Craghopper. It’s just a figure of speech to fit into my experience. I hope this does not bother you because I am not claiming that I know the sport or something like that. Thanks for clarifying, though.

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