Interested in things other than travel and design? You can find me in these social networking sites:

INSTAGRAM For timely chronicles of my adventures and random “art” ventures.

FACEBOOK For crazy and sometimes useful quotes and photos about life, travel, creativity, and things in between. You can also visit the official Between Coordinates Page.

TWITTER For travel-related and design-related links, retweets from travelers and creatives, and some random funny sh*t

YOUTUBE For some amateur videos that don’t necessarily suck.

LINKEDIN For something “professional” for a change. Bio, Work, Experiences and such, you could stalk me here… or not.

BEHANCE For a creative show and tell of my previous and current design projects. Personal and Commercial ones are there for show.

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Other places to find me? (Please don’t think that I live in the internet. *wink*)

THEILONGGA This is my previous personal blog before this. My crazy, wacky cartoons and hilarious philosophies in life are all there if you want to look around.

CLEVRRRR Well, this is my online creative studio. I babble a lot about web design and graphic design there.

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That’s it! Otherwise, you can CONTACT me or send me love at