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Day 210: Travel Blogging Calendar 2013

I could still remember in college that despite having those thick Nursing books to read, I gave a few hours in “Designing Projects” that involve charities. (I have these incredible hands that God gave me and I always involve myself in making things that are for a good cause) For quite a number of years, I have worked with an American foundation that helps fund cancer research as well as providing the basic needs of those who are in poverty – especially in the Philippines. A lot of funds raised were given to several organizations in the country and I deeply feel grateful for being part of the team. My teenage life was a BLAST! Read more →

Silhouettes and Sunsets

What’s more beautiful than seeing the sunset vanish into the horizon giving out that pinkish-orange color to the sky and give you that sight of wonder? I adore sunsets. They are the best thing when it comes to beaches. Their beauty exudes more than what you would usually expect. Oh, and the product of these wonderful sunsets are shadows of different sorts – giving that black over orange color. An art in its own form – a silhouette. Read more →