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Courage to Keep on Trying

The future unveils itself at each passing second. The present becomes the past and every second before the future becomes our present. Whatever decisions we do in the present affects the outcome of the coming future. Situations, circumstances, and unexpected events throw themselves to us at any given point in time. We choose a path, we see the results, and we learn from it. That’s life. Read more →

Day 55: The Actual Farmville

 It’s like I am in some part of Vietnam – tall grasses, green, thick, healthy fields, farmers and their good earth bounty. I waved at them, while I was holding on to the vehicle railings, heading towards a more steeper terrain, and they waved back. 😉 Huge rocks, tall trees, beautiful, big, blue sky, and surrouding indigo mountains across the border. Yes. Magnificent. And the place that I am headed to is a secluded resort called “Buro-Buro”… When I arrived, I was astounded by the elegance it eluded. Read more →