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Day 23: Doing the Laundry

I have nothing else to do but do the things that I have resented so much when I was a child. I can’t blame my parents for not teaching me how to properly wash them but I guess it is really up to me to exert an effort in learning how to do things the right way. So, guess what? I washed my clothes for the past few days! Read more →

Day 22: Adjusting Quickly

The way of life in some places are very different from the one back home. I believe that’s true. My eating habits changed here so far and I have grown accustomed to their practices: 7am coffee and bread, 9am heavy breakfast, 12pm lunch, 3pm coffee and food of choice, and 7pm dinner. It’s been the same every single day. Looks like I’ll be packing the pounds then because rice is totally the center of every viand. Haha! But I eat in moderation here – even if there are meals in between meals! Read more →

Day 21: Catching the Sunrise

They say that sunrise and sunsets look similar. I tried to wake up earlier this morning to have a good view of the sunrise at the beach front. I was a few minutes late. Too bad. It would have been something enchanting. It has been only a few days after I have arrived in this area again and the people were so hospitable. I kept thinking about how it would be like if I am there outside the world. Whould they accept me warmly too? Read more →

Day 20: The Quest for Answers

We all know that the internet is probably the most knowledgeable gadget in the history of mankind – well, technically next to te human brain. We, humans are created with this thing called “curiosity” – CURIOSITY is the beginning of everything. We create questions and we seek answers. Now, answers an be found by just a click of a button or a tap on the screen. Where’s the fun in that? Read more →

Day 19: How to Survive A Four Hour Bus Ride

A few days off away from the screen entails a whole lot more of sitting than I imagined! In most cases, when I usually go from Iloilo to Negros, I would take a short way to the destination: 1) A Fast Air-conditioned Expensive Bus Ride and 2) Cabs. But this time, experiencing “cheap traveling” starting off with a budgeted bus ride was a pain in te butt. Literally. Read more →

Day 18: 14 Long Days Away From Home

Some people would spell it as “freedom” and some would say it’s the “ultimate adventure” but for me it is simply “relaxation.” Fourteen days not being able to sit infront of the computer is something I am looking forward to for the next couple of days. I am bound to arrive at Cauayan, Negros Occidental a few hours from now because the bus ride is around 3-4 hours. All I could think of right now is the beach. Ahh. Beach. Read more →

Silhouettes and Sunsets

What’s more beautiful than seeing the sunset vanish into the horizon giving out that pinkish-orange color to the sky and give you that sight of wonder? I adore sunsets. They are the best thing when it comes to beaches. Their beauty exudes more than what you would usually expect. Oh, and the product of these wonderful sunsets are shadows of different sorts – giving that black over orange color. An art in its own form – a silhouette. Read more →

How Sea Salts are Made

When we think of potato chips, we think of salt. Sea salts are used to make these delicious fatty treats we all purchase in one stop shops. My trip in Negros did not limit me to just seeing the beach and relaxing with the soothing wind, it also taught me the how-tos of Sea salt production using, well, the sea. Read more →

Rock Climbing. Literally.

Have you ever rock climbed without any ropes or harness, nor the proper gear and all those fancy hand powders? Well, I did. It was not something I am proud of because of failure to comply with safety precautions. I should know because I am a nurse. Nevertheless, I survived. Surely, a big thanks to the non-breaking rocks and the lucky flat surfaces that I was able to put my soles on. Read more →

The Sunny Side of The Beach

Boracay is not the only white sand beach in the whole Philippines. I guess it became such a tourist attraction that many locals, like me, have neglected the other islands of this country. In fact, other beaches are still yet to be discovered. Ever seen the movie The Beach? Well, there are several unseen places here in this archipelago that deserves a lot of credit. One of which involves beaches in Negros Occidental . Read more →