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Malayan-Indian Tradition: Seaweed Flour

Conversations coming from experiences in Belize, Central America are quite rare to have with someone whom you just met for a brief moment. His tales of hidden paradise and unforgotten cultures, caught my attention as I was holding on to a seaweed freshly caught from the shore – locally known as “guso.” I enjoyed talking to a man who might have been to most parts of the world and my eyes we’re like puppy dogs’ that were so eager to know more. Read more →

A Kayak And A Drowning Woman

I opted to try kayaking at the Linaon Bay in Negros Occidental. It was my first time and I definitely sucked at it – BIGTIME! The bay stretches at about 4 kilometers having those calm, wave-less, waters. It has an average of probably 15 to 18 feet from the surface to the floor. Well, it sounded like  a great opportunity for me to practice and hone my “kayaking” skills, right? Read more →

Day 63: Licking Your Finger And Knowing Where The Wind Blows


I know it sounds impossible but somehow I think it is true to some people who are accustomed to it. Yes, I licked my finger and stuck it out, then the wind blew and well, I felt that cool sensation – but there’s no direction. 🙂 haha! I guess it takes a lot of skills to do that. As far as I know, people living here are actually skilled in determining wind direction and identifying if it is habagat or amihan. Incredible! 8) Another lesson learned!

Day 62: 103 Kilometers South

Of course, my Red Shoes took me to somewhere more relaxing – and it is not in the city. For me, relaxation will always be THE BEACH. After hours and hours of dwindling and bobbing of heads, we finally arrived at Cauayan via Bacolod-South Road. Hey! It’s our Family Reunion! Read more →

Miracle Mountain Climb at Lina-on


I had no clue that this even existed. To my surpise, I said “Seriously? Miracle Mountain?” But when I finally saw the sign “This way to Miracle Mountain,” I just zipped my mouth and carried on with the trek. Read more →

Picturesque View From Punta Sojoton Lighthouse

I could still remember my first visit here, I was with my father about 6 years ago. Nothing really changed after those years and my fondest of memories are still in tact. This April, I visited the hometown of my father to get to know my close and distant relatives, have a break away from the city life, and of course, see the things that surrounded him when he was still growing up. I learned about his childhood there. Read more →

Beat The Summer Heat at Pasalan Falls

In my recent trip to my father’s homeland in Cauayan, I never really expected that there’s an existing gem hidden behind the trees and mountains. All I know is that there are beaches and it is such a great place to relax. Well, I was completely wrong. For a frequent visitor of the place, I admit I failed to appreciate its phenomenal beauty. Read more →

Day 33: Blogging Dilemma

I thought I could handle blogging and traveling all at the same time with minimum events of backlogs – well, everything is in chaos. I just settled in. Workloads are showered upon me and my 12 hours for 2 weeks compensation schedule just began. It’s like I’m back to square one. I have to type every single writing I did on my handy dandy notebook while I was in Cebu and aside from that, I have other articles pertaining to my trek in the city. Read more →

Day 32: That Excitement of Being Home

Another 12 hours on the boat felt like forever if you kept thinking about “home” all the time. I had this conversation with a Californian friend named Russ, who is a volunteer Young Life leader in Boracay. He said, his journey from Boracay to Iloilo to Cebu vis-a-vis is longer than the usual time it takes for him to fly from Manila to Korea to California. I was amazed and it is sort of true. I mentioned to him that I miss home after a few weeks away and he said he felt the same way – but in his case, it has been a lot of months. Read more →

Day 31: Stress Free Day

Now that the camp had come to an end, and my responsibilities are completely over, it was time for me to see, feel, breathe, taste, and hear Cebu City in depth. Imagine me doing a crazy happy dance. Overall, the experience was such a life lesson and I came to the conclusion that indeed, letting an opportunity pass is such a waste. From now on, I am grabbing every single one that comes my way. Haha! Read more →