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A Taste of Grilled Chicken Intestines

Back in college, my friends would usually buy one of the popular Filipino street food known as “isaw.” This famous barbecued chicken intestines are tagged as “cheap but has a good taste.” So, every time I see these along the street, I would make that “Yuck-Eew” face. Of course, with the sound of “intestines,” I already hesitated. Imagine those intestines I have seen in the operating room when I was finishing my nursing course. haha Read more →

Day 59: Hawaiian Breakfast, Literally

I smelled pizza, cheeseburgers, and buffalo wings when I woke up. – not those fastfood buys that we get to have from the local mall. 😉 I stayed at my relatives’ home in Tangub, Bacolod City and I never expected an “international” meal like this. Little did I know that my aunt and her husband arrived a few minutes earlier when I had the chance of smelling that grilled cheese flavor. They came from Hawaii and yes, they brought a great breakfast – carboloaded too, for us all. Read more →