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Day 95: How Travel Plans Push Through Despite The Rain

If there’s a scheduled trip that does not need any excuses, then obviously, the show must still go on! 🙂 A friend arrived here two days ago and I accompanied her for a “church hopping” tour around the province. The rain had no plans of stopping, that’s for sure. Municipality to municipality, our butts got wet, our shoes were drenched, our only umbrella springed on the opposite end – it was hilarious. 🙄 Read more →

Embracing History: A Look at Basilica de Santo Nino de Minor

The Basilica de Santo Niño de Minor is a 16th Century Church in Cebu City which was the first to be built out of earth, nipa, and hard wood. Later, it was remodeled with hard stone. The church was built on the spot where the image of the Santo Niño, a sculpture depicting the Holy Child Jesus found by Spanish explorers in 1565, which was preserved in a burned wooden box that was left behind during the 1521 Magellan expedition. Read more →

Day 39: Attention Grabber

Normally, on Sundays, I’d be at home exercising my thumb on the television remote switching from National Geographic to Discovery Channel to something like Star World. Yes, I’m your typical couch potato. But since I started this blog, I was really on the go. If there’s extra time, I can be found anywhere in our city or maybe somewhere in another town – it is that addicting and beyond exciting! Read more →