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Day 256: Drying Laundries at Ramon Magsaysay Park

Remember my dilemma at packing and me being a virgin at backpacking? I suppose this still covers it. Although, I am trying my best to fit into the culture of being an expert at traveling light. Haha! 🙂 At 8:45AM, we are now here in Ramon Magsaysay Park, just  near the Sta. Ana Wharf – probably just a 15-minute walk or a 2-minute tricycle ride. Read more →

Day 68: Same Shirt Photos

I don’t know. I find it really awkward to see myself in different photos with the same outfit. I seem to think maybe “this girl doesn’t have any clothes.” Haha! Well, I do. 8) But I wash them – it’s part of my self-training and of course the idea of “packing light.” Read more →

Day 61: Laundry Woman of The Day

I was planning on a Photowalk today along Bacolod City to cover some places that the “City of Smiles” boasts for. But then again, me being this “workaholic” with not much time for rest, I am piled with a mountain of dirty clothes to wash. Oh. Today, it’s a day without rain! Perfect time to be the laundry woman so that I can fill my travel packs with dry and fragrant garments for tomorrow’s trip. ahaha! Read more →