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Day 63: Licking Your Finger And Knowing Where The Wind Blows


I know it sounds impossible but somehow I think it is true to some people who are accustomed to it. Yes, I licked my finger and stuck it out, then the wind blew and well, I felt that cool sensation – but there’s no direction. 🙂 haha! I guess it takes a lot of skills to do that. As far as I know, people living here are actually skilled in determining wind direction and identifying if it is habagat or amihan. Incredible! 8) Another lesson learned!

Beat The Summer Heat at Pasalan Falls

In my recent trip to my father’s homeland in Cauayan, I never really expected that there’s an existing gem hidden behind the trees and mountains. All I know is that there are beaches and it is such a great place to relax. Well, I was completely wrong. For a frequent visitor of the place, I admit I failed to appreciate its phenomenal beauty. Read more →