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Pasay City on 6-Inch Heels

It was the 3rd Quarter Blast of the company where there’s expected product launching, global introductions, and so many surprises for everyone. I was invited to attend the event along with several others from Iloilo City last August 25. Of course, in every assembly, my favorite part is to dress corporate, put on some light make up, and yes, slip on some killer heels! I know, generally, that the SMX Convention Center is a pretty vast place so, I was already limiting myself from strolling around (especially knowing that the Mall of Asia is right next to it). Read more →

Day 69: Luxurious Fantasies

A Bentley Mulsanne, a gigantic three-storey eleven bedroom home with a pool and a tennis court, a great office job, and a bank account fatter than Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates’ combined – this was my dream and I thought it will be perfect. Thinking it over, it will never be perfect. I came to realize after several treks, several conversations with people around me and people in different walks of life, there are a lot of things that money could not buy. And it’s true. Happiness cannot be bought. Read more →