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Day 7: What Goes Up Must Come Down

I remember the first time I flew – well, I’m talking about airplanes and technically not superman. Although, that might have been a great story. Anyway, my first experience was when I was around 5 years old. I was sitting on my mother’s lap and we we’re at the window side. I could clearly recall that I was holding on to a puffy white bunny plush toy and clasping a green Peter Pan book on mu left side. I looked at the clouds and I wanted to touch it, eat it, and rub my face on it. That moment marked the start of me believing that clouds are like cottons in the sky. Read more →

Have a Taste of Freshly Caught Sea Urchins

The spikes of these creatures are really deceiving. Not to mention some of which are quite poisonous when it comes in contact with your skin – sea urchin injury is another story, though. Who knew they can be such an expensive delicacy in countries like Japan (uni) and Italy (ricci di mare)? A few years ago I absolutely thought these creatures were just another addition to marine life monsters that I’ll be fearing of. I guess not anymore. Read more →

Hang on a Bridge with Caution

The Hanging Bridge in Bohol┬áis not really made to become one of the popular tourist destinations – it simply became an attraction because of the “danger” that you will be expecting from it. It’s main role is to connect the two lands beside the Loboc River. The thing is, this bridge is made of interwoven bamboos and there are evidences that some parts are already “old” and well, risky. Read more →