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Day 36: Iloilo City Tourist

My phones were ringing nonstop today. I was requested to swing by the office to create an invitation design for an event on Saturday. Boo! Then again, I took it as an opportunity to “explore.” Well, more of simulate the role of an actual “tourist.” So, before I arrived at the office, I took a jeepney ride and wandered around the metro for a few minutes, talked to different people as if I don’t know the place, took some photos, admired the Ilonggos walking along the busy streets – it was absolutely stunning. Read more →

Day 35: Playing with Google Maps

695 days to go before I embark on a life-changing journey around the globe. With all that excitement bottled inside of me, I could not resist browsing into Google Maps. I was looking at the streets that I have been to, the places I visited, not to mention all those countries that I would want to somehow set foot on – Yes, I was that that crazy! Probably delirious. Read more →