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Day 29: Say Hello to Insect Repellants

Because last night I was attacked by so many mosquitoes (at least, that’s what I thought happened), I took the liberty of fumigating our cabins – including the ones where the others are staying. Well, if you can’t kill all of the mosquitoes, might as well shoo them off inorder not to “possibly” contract Dengue. Read more →

Silhouettes and Sunsets

What’s more beautiful than seeing the sunset vanish into the horizon giving out that pinkish-orange color to the sky and give you that sight of wonder? I adore sunsets. They are the best thing when it comes to beaches. Their beauty exudes more than what you would usually expect. Oh, and the product of these wonderful sunsets are shadows of different sorts – giving that black over orange color. An art in its own form – a silhouette. Read more →