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Christmas Day in the Province: A Different Kind of Celebration

Huge gift-wrapped presents with glimmering ribbons under the tall, green, Christmas tree; stockings of various sizes hung along the walls – filled with candies, chocolates, gold, edible coins scattered everywhere; the smell of honey-glazed ham, pasta, and hot bread, filled the atmosphere as the whole family awaits the birth of Jesus Christ; the dancing lights of different bold colors twinkle as the music plays in full tune during a cold, breezy, Christmas eve… Read more →

Day 62: 103 Kilometers South

Of course, my Red Shoes took me to somewhere more relaxing – and it is not in the city. For me, relaxation will always be THE BEACH. After hours and hours of dwindling and bobbing of heads, we finally arrived at Cauayan via Bacolod-South Road. Hey! It’s our Family Reunion! Read more →

Day 60: Zombie Day

I was fortunate enough to have relatives here in Bacolod City. If it weren’t for them, I might be sleeping beside the City Hall with a few hundred pesos in my wallet. So, yes, I stayed with them here in Tangub and they provided me with a room, comfy bed, electric fan, food, everything. This was certainly awesome. Read more →